Customer Management – CRM


GRP Consulting offers a personalized service to enable any company to monitor its business opportunities through a customer relationship management tool called CRM (CRM English). The ultimate goal of a CRM system is to capture, process, analyze the information about customers and prospects in order to retain them by providing the best service.

Potential customers data sources are often multiple: emails, phones, business cards, GRP Consulting integrates with your website a CRM management tool low monthly fee. It centralizes the information of a prospect from the website, and monitors and continuity with the regular business of selling customer. In addition, CRM management tool can be connected with email marketing tool MailChimp, allowing a better blend of customer data.

Through customer management tool, GRP provides all stages of the integration of the tool:

  • Feasibility analysis and management needs
  • Import and synchronization of data (if necessary)
  • Customizing Web data entry interfaces
  • Integration with the website (online forms)
  • Custom report (if necessary)

CRM is a tool that mainly deals “incoming” data (pull mode) of a potential customer or opportunity.

In the context of the use of online technologies to manage the daily operations of a company, GRP also offers analytical services and platform integration online distribution in real-time, mobile billing, electronic signature via its LIVE PROGRESSION partner and a GPS tracking system in real time via its partner Odotrack