Web architecture

a_man-with-white-board-web-large-red-80Architecture is an important step in developing a strategy for the development of a website. In GRP, we achieve a plan as a first step before starting the visual design of web projects to achieve.

The architecture also allows to highlight the main features of the website to develop and that, based on business objectives. Our team offers scenarios and strategic approaches that will measure the results and the value of the website which will be online.

At this stage, GRP team works with (s) (s) responsible marketing, sales and production at our customers to ensure to meet the maximum needs.

When the Web architecture, we implement functional prototypes and wired models (also called “Wireframe”). This approach allows to demonstrate the interaction and to make available the functions in a single glance. Each screen is drawn freehand as simple and iconic lines.

Some examples [WireframeShine Signature] [WireframeDrainvac] [Wireframe Groupe Sutton] [Wireframe Prologue Digital]