GRP Consulting provides technical writing service and support for the project specifications in the context of the creation of a Web project. When tenders for the design and implementation of an informative Web or e-commerce site, it is imperative to incorporate all important elements that will allow the service provider to understand the request and develop a fair proposal and without misunderstanding.


In general, the specifications (tender) includes :

  • Contact and Communications
  • Summary tender
    • Calendar of Events
    • Submission of proposals
  • Budget Framework
  • Web Environment
    • Accommodation Services
  • Requirements and Format of the proposal
  • Selection Criteria
  • Contextualizing Project
  • Summary Approach
  • Model Wired (wireframe)
  • Detailed features
    • Inventory System
    • Order Management
    • Transactional Processes
    • Customer service and sales support
    • Help buying decision
    • Other custom options
  • Visual Layout Photoshop (optional)
  • Conclusion

With the experience of GRP CONSULTING, the draft specification is in many cases an important document forming part of the contract that the internet service provider will offer the customer.

technicalspecificationsofbathroom_30945Benefits specifications GRP Consulting

For the service provider

  • Understand the service request in a common language to internet technologies
  • Can easily make a binding offer service
  • Ensure that the customer has already made a brainstorming approach and thus limits the misunderstandings of customer requests
  • Web Deploy the solution much faster

To the Client

  • Ensure that all guests providers receive exactly the same information
  • Gets much more clear and precise proposals for services
  • Financial Economics across the Web project
  • Involve members of his organization in the design process